Why You Should Choose Asphalt for Paving

city street paving

Paving with asphalt offers some significant benefits. Here's a look at why asphalt paving is superior in some cases.

Asphalt is the First Choice for Commercial Paving Projects

Reduced Time

The key advantage to asphalt is that it does not require the long curing times that concrete demands. As a result, work can be finished much more quickly. In a road construction setting, for example, this means that the work can be done in a more efficient manner, reducing the impact on traffic flow and facilitating a more productive environment.

Less Wait

When concrete is laid and begins curing, traffic cannot drive on it. The area must be closed off while it cures. On a road, this means traffic lanes are reduced, or entire streets might be diverted, causing traffic jams and backups.

Asphalt, on the other hand, just needs to be cooled and compacted. Then it's ready for traffic. This is ideal for busy roadways or for lessening the impact to businesses. With asphalt paving, the work can be done during slow hours -- like overnight or on a Sunday -- and motorists and businesses don't even need to be affected.

Asphalt Paving Specialists

At Pavement Specialties of Idaho, we are experts in paving with asphalts and we can address all your paving needs quickly and effectively. Contact us today to get a quote on an upcoming paving project!

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