Protect Your Car from Damaged Roads

car tire on road with potholes

There are times when avoiding damaged roads is impossible. These are typically areas where a pothole, broken or cracked pavement exists. Traveling on highways and streets drivers can sometimes dodge this damage. High traffic locations make it difficult to successfully drive around damage. General contractors around the country work to repair these problems. You may even see them on roadways working on these projects.

The Office of Highway Policy Information reported that travel on roads and streets countrywide rose in 2013. Drivers in America logged more than 200 billion vehicle miles. The usage of roadways relates to the downgrading of infrastructure. Age, quality of materials and expertise are issues that lead to damaged roads. These transportation issues can result in serious damage to vehicles. There are things that drivers can do to protect their cars while driving on these roadways.

Avoid Potholes

There are times when you can avoid potholes while driving. When you see this issue up ahead, moving into another lane is wise. Depending on the location of the pothole you may be able to move slightly in your own lane. If you are not able to move to avoid this issue, slow down your speed. This lessens damage to vehicles and tires. Potholes can cause these problems:

  • Flat tires
  • Body damage
  • Alignment issues
  • Accidents

Decrease Speed

Some roads and highways have large cracks or broken pavement. Slowing down in these areas can protect your vehicle. Driving fast in these areas can cause under-carriage problems. This occurs when rocks pop up or are dislodged. Tires are damaged as well by broken pavement.

Keep a Steady Pace

Commutes that take place in areas with problem roadways can lead to car damage. Alignment issues and other problems can result. Keeping a steady pace in these areas is a good idea, depending on the road issue. Speeding up may not be wise when sharp rocks or wide cracks are present.

No one wants their vehicle damaged because of road damage. These are issues that drivers cannot anticipate as they travel. Applying driving tips can help you to avoid these areas. They are also important when it comes to protecting your car from physical damage.

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