Why Seal Coating is Vital to Asphalt Maintenance

Boise Paving

For businesses with an asphalt driveway or parking lot, maintenance is an important reality. Without maintaining your company's asphalt, you'll end up with a cracked, faded, and a potentially hazardous surface that will reflect badly on your storefront or office building. One of the key tasks of asphalt maintenance is seal coating, a process that increases your asphalt's UV and substance resistance.

Why Sealcoat?

When it comes to keeping your asphalt in good condition, seal coating isn't optional. Seal coating can extend the life of your asphalt as much as 300% while ensuring that you have a usable, professional-looking surface.

Seal coating provides the following benefits:

  • UV resistance: Asphalt by itself has a low resistance to the radiation of the sun, which can cause the glue in your asphalt to break down. You've certainly seen asphalt that is in the process of breaking down from sun damage: it fades from that dark black color to a dull gray, cracks, and eventually falls apart.

  • Substance protection: Whether it's chemicals, gasoline, oil, or salt, there's a good chance your asphalt will come into contact with substances that could damage it significantly. Seal coating protects your asphalt from spills that would otherwise break down the unsealed pavement.

  • Easier to maintain: When your asphalt is seal coated, it has that clean, uniform surface that's much simpler to sweep and clean.

  • Less cracking: Sealcoating returns your asphalt to a dark black color, which heats better during the summer. This may seem insignificant when you first think about it, but hot asphalt is more flexible, leading to fewer cracks during the hot summer months.

If your asphalt is due for seal coating, or if you're not sure when it was last coated, contact us today. Let us save you money now and in the future by properly maintaining your asphalt.

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