Parking Lots on a Budget

Boise paving

If you are a business owner, you might be in need of a parking lot or simply re-paving it in order to keep things looking good and your customers happy. It is an important part of your physical first impression, not to mention the functional aspects. Before you start on your journey to find the best plan for paving your parking lot, consider these main budget points that could save you some headache down the road.

Your Needs/Pavement Life

If you are re-doing your pavement, how old is it now? Most well-maintained parking lots can last around twenty years, but it is wise to budget for routine maintenance for highly traveled areas. The more maintenance you do, the more chance you have of extending the life of your entire parking lot. This will prove cost-effective for your business.

Most Common Damages

If you were to survey your parking lot right now, what would you see? What kinds of damage might you find? It is helpful, often, to know the terminology and what to look for in your parking lot. Here are some common types of damage that you may see:

  • Cracks
  • Faded asphalt
  • Alligatoring
  • Potholes or other surface damage

There are different ways to approach each of these types of damage, and this brings us to our final consideration which could help your budget.

Get Professional Advice

Whether you are resurfacing, filling potholes, or repaving the whole parking lot, professional help saves you headaches. We want to help ensure that your parking lot looks great and your budget is respected. To hear more about the ways we could assist in making your parking lot look its best, just contact us!

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