Protect Your Asphalt from the Idaho Winter!

Idaho asphalt

Compared to some other places across the nation and the world, we here in Idaho have it fairly easy. Our winters aren't nearly as severe as they could be. However, to your asphalt, Idaho winters are still a huge risk--and a little bit of preparation now can keep big, expensive problems from arising later.

Winter Woes

Winter can be hard on your asphalt. It's not just about severe weather conditions and long-standing piles of snow; this is a time for existing problems to get even worse, so if you didn't notice them before the winter, you're sure to notice them once the spring arrives. Existing weaknesses in your asphalt become even more of a hazard during the winter because there are lots of new challenges--like snowplows and drainage issues--that can aggravate even the smallest issues. Protecting the asphalt you have now is a lot less expensive than replacing it later!

How to Protect the Asphalt

Idaho winters are no match for our pavement experts. Here's a quick look at what you need to know about protecting your asphalt this winter!

  • Repairs. Remember, a small issue now will be a huge issue after months of snow and ice. This is the best time to survey your asphalt and see if there are any cracks or potholes because these are prime problem areas when it comes to water draining down, freezing, melting, and freezing again--which is a hazard to your asphalt.
  • Snowplows. Idaho winters aren't always predictable. Sometimes we have too much snow, and sometimes we have none--but since Mother Nature doesn't give us an exact warning, it's always best to prepare in case you'll need a snowplow. Place markers around any curbs or corners in your asphalt, and hire a reliable plowing company.
  • Drainage. Standing water is never a good thing for asphalt, but in the winter, standing water quickly becomes standing ice--and that's just as bad for people and cars as it is for the pavement! It's a good idea to get a head start and check the drainage systems early, so you can rely on quick and efficient water removal this winter.

Interested in more information on winter pavement preparation? Looking for help protecting your asphalt? Contact us today!

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