Winter Office Survival 101

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In all the hustle and bustle of preparing for a chilly Boise winter, it's easy to overlook the office. Winter survival for your office looks a lot like winter survival for your home--and it's every bit as important. As with everything else, preparedness starts with a little bit of proactive work, so let our experts in winter maintenance give you a head-start on winter office survival!

A Little Work Now...

Before we get into the details, it's important to understand why winter maintenance is so crucial. A little work now can save you a lot of agonies later. If your office is suffering from any little issues, the cold and stress of a long Boise winter will aggravate those issues and potentially turn them into huge problems. For example, take the parking lot. It is easier, cheaper, and a whole lot less stressful to take care of your parking lot now than it is to replace the whole thing after a winter full of damaging snow and ice. When it comes to winterizing, a little work today goes a long way for tomorrow.

Office Survival

How can you help your office get through the winter? Here are a few handy tips from our experts!

  • Sprinklers. Maintaining sprinklers before the winter is crucial if you want to have a working sprinkler system when spring returns. Boise winters are infamous for wreaking havoc on the pipes--so make sure to get all the water out of hoses, sprinkler heads, and pipes before the first freeze.
  • Gutters. We take gutters for granted, but they're immensely important. If you don't take care of your gutters before winter, all of the melting snow and ice will sit for long periods of time, exiting slowly and causing a lot of damage on the way out. Don't let your office fall prey to mold, water damage, and other winter woes: take care of your gutters.
  • Parking lots. Getting your parking lot ready for the conditions of a Boise winter is absolutely crucial. Repair the little issues so they don't turn into big issues. Make sure the drainage system is in good working order. Don't forget to have an expert in winter services close at hand to help in emergencies and tight spots.

Interested in more information on winter office survival? Looking for tips and tricks for parking lot maintenance during Boise winters? Contact us today!

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