Standing Water? Here’s How to Fix It!

Boise Paving

Managing pavement comes with maintenance issues that most people don’t think about. When someone sees water in a parking lot, they are considering how or when it will go away, but for the owner of the property, it is a serious concern. Standing water can cause premature deterioration and cost money further down the line. Read on to learn more about what causes standing water and how you can fix it.

Causes of Standing Water

Standing water is dangerous for anyone that enters your parking lot. Here are three common causes of standing water.

  1. Improper Drainage: When paved surfaces are created, a 1percent slope is factored in for water to run down to a drain or catch basin. Catch basins are an essential part of a parking lot structure. If they are clogged, water will back up and begin to form in puddles.
  2. Pavement Ruts: If asphalt has deteriorated from use and weathering, it will start to create ruts. Ruts allow water to pool instead of draining in a catch basin.
  3. Compaction Issues: Improper compaction can lead to materials being unable to flex under a heavy load. If the asphalt can’t flex, then it just creates a depression where water will gather.

Now you have an idea of what causes standing water we can look at solutions.

Fixing the Problem

Depending on which of the above issues is causing your standing water problem, there will be different solutions. The most straightforward fix for improper drainage is keeping your catch basin clear of debris. For other issues that are the result of paving issues, you should contact a paving contractor. For Boise paving problems, we have the expertise to solve your problem. To fix standing water in your parking lot, call us today!

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