3 Ways to Fix Asphalt Pavement

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Roadway pavements and parking lots continue to utilize asphalt pavement for its longevity and attractiveness. While you can expect asphalt to have a life expectancy of 25 years, it will have cracks that need repair. Read on to learn about preventative care and maintenance of your asphalt pavement.

1. Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a preventative measure against environmental harm. About three months after asphalt is poured you can apply sealcoating. This allows the asphalt to cure completely. So why does sealcoat need to be applied? It will protect your pavement against fluids and chemicals from vehicles as well as UV rays. It also leaves asphalt looking freshly paved as it brings back the rich new looking color. You should apply sealcoating every 18 to 36 months to protect your asphalt, but make sure to fill potholes and cracks beforehand as sealcoating is not made for large gaps.

2. Resurfacing

If you’re looking at pavement that has a damaged from 25 to 50 percent of the area your best bet is to hire pavers. Resurfacing pavement is only necessary for large patches. This will not fix cracks and potholes; those will need to be filled before you resurface. Resurfacing is placing a new layer of asphalt on top of current pavement so make sure you have a solid foundation before moving forward.

3. Repaving

Lastly, you can fix asphalt pavement by repaving it. This is an extensive project as it involves complete reconstruction. Repaving is pulling out the old pavement, rebuilding the foundation and installing new asphalt. You will have to lean back on this option if the foundation or surface of your payment has sizable damage.

Hiring Boise Pavers

To move forward with fixing asphalt pavement, you should be working with professionals. These are detailed projects that require skill and expertise. We’ve been Boise’s trusted pavers since 2001. To gain insight on fixing your asphalt pavement, call us today!

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