How to Choose a Snow Removal Contractor

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If snow is sticking and starting to accumulate, you need to think about how you will keep your property maintained. Hiring a snow removal contractor is an excellent way to keep your space free of hazards while saving you time and money.

Starting Your Search

The best place to start your search for a snow removal contractor is to ask around or do some research online. When people receive excellent service, they want to refer the provider to others. Once you have a few ideas of who you might like to hire, you should gather price estimates. Shopping around will give you a base for what the average price should be. For an accurate assessment, the contractor should visit your site in person to determine the scope of snow removal.

Following Up

After you have some price estimates and the contractor has visited your property you can make final negotiations. You’ll want to decide between paying per push or paying a set fee for the winter season. You will have to determine which price makes more sense for your property. Next, get everything discussed in writing. Take note of:

  • What is included (sand/salt)
  • Potential extra charges
  • What time the service will be performed
  • If twice a day visits are extra
  • How you can terminate the agreement
  • If walks and steps are included

Lastly, remember not to pay up front in cash. This type of demand is linked to snow removal scams and should be avoided.

Removing snow from your property is important and should be done quickly and professionally. A snow removal contractor will provide expert service that keeps your property maintained. If you are looking for a winter service provider, call us today.

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