Maintaining Asphalt for Best Results

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Asphalt seems sturdy and impervious to damage caused by everyday activity, so it's often neglected. The truth is, asphalt requires maintenance and repair in order to keep it functional and looking good. Proactivity in asphalt maintenance helps it last longer, reducing costs over time. Here are some tips for maintaining your asphalt.

What You Can Do

There are a few simple things you can do regularly that will keep your asphalt in good condition, including:

  • Check Sprinklers: Not only is watering your asphalt wasteful, but it's also damaging to the pavement. That amount of water over time can seep into the asphalt and degrade the quality of it. This leaves it susceptible to potholes, cracks, and depressions.
  • Watch Heavy Equipment: Heavy machinery can hurt asphalt, especially if its already experiencing degradation or wear. Keep heavy equipment off the asphalt whenever possible.
  • Have a Plan: A preventative maintenance plan is an easy way to keep up with regular maintenance and catch problems before they become big issues.

Regularly Scheduled Services

You can schedule a few maintenance services that will help with long-term upkeep. Here are a few:

  • Sealcoat: Sealcoating is one of the best ways to protect your asphalt. It is a barrier that will reduce the impact of things like UV rays, liquids such as oil, and rain.
  • Sweep: Regular sweeping improves the appearance of the pavement. But it also works to reduce long-term damage by removing loose gravel, and it helps professionals look for any potential problems.

In addition to regular preventative maintenance, it's important to get issues repaired as quickly as possible. Potholes, for example, can get bigger and lead to larger problems if they are left as is. It's best to get those repaired early on while they are more manageable.

Get to know your local pavement repair service providers and make a plan to keep your asphalt lasting long and looking good. For all your asphalt maintenance and repair needs, contact Pavement Specialties of Idaho!

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