Understanding Asphalt Issues & Maintenance

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Asphalt paving is something we recommend over and over for a number of reasons. However, it’s important to know about some of the issues that can arise with asphalt.

The first step to being conscientious about your asphalt investment is to learn about asphalt paving overall – what it does, how it holds up, and so forth. You can also get to know techniques about taking care of it and tips for longevity.

Next, get in the habit of observing your asphalt. Look for new water pooling that could become an issue, seek out cracks, and watch for areas that could experience more wear and tear. Make it a regular occurrence to walk the property and plan to inspect it after major weather events, seasonally, or whenever makes sense for your property.

Don’t neglect maintenance. This is a crucial ongoing step that will ensure your asphalt lasts. Partner with a reputable asphalt company to have regularly scheduled maintenance at intervals that make sense for your business. There are various types of maintenance actions and lots of ways to address asphalt needs that are specific to what your property needs, so be sure to find a good contractor that has an understanding of these things.

In Southern Idaho, Pavement Specialties of Idaho is your go-to asphalt expert. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your asphalt.

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