What to Know About Paving Your Business’ Parking Lot

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When you are planning to pave, sealcoat, or repair your business’s parking lot, it’s important to keep in mind some logistics. We have a few tips to help you plan for the paving work you need to be done.

Plan Routine Maintenance

Planning for routine maintenance helps protect the asphalt against damage from the elements and traffic. This also offers a long-term plan to help you avoid having to completely redo the parking lot too soon. Your routine maintenance plan should also take into account the time of year (for best results) and when your lot is busiest so you can plan accordingly.

Plan the Look

Adding ADA markings, redoing lines, and any other markings that are for safety should be well thought out and developed according to your business need and any regulations. Safety areas, loading zones, and parking spaces should be intuitive and functional, and the markings themselves should be bright and done by professionals. Chat with your local paving company and work with them to develop a plan.

Plan for Business

You can have maintenance and paving done in phases to avoid disrupting business. You can also plan ahead for times that are slower or that your office is closed. You don’t have to tolerate a big mess or a halt or delay in daily operations because of your paving work! Your paving company can work with you to plan the project based on your business needs.

Plan a Budget

It’s a good idea to develop a budget early on to ensure you understand what you need, what you can afford, and what you’re paying for. An accurate budget, developed with your project manager, can help limit surprise expenses and give you a clear idea of what expenditures are happening related to your pavement.

In Boise, simply contact Pavement Specialties of Idaho to get started!

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