The Cost of Drainage Issues on Your Pavement

water on pavement

It's not just standing water from sprinklers or heavy rain that can cause long-term problems on your pavement. Underground water issues are another culprit, and they can be harder to catch. Ground water below the surface finds its way through cracks in the asphalt and seeps into the parking lot.

When ground water problems are left unchecked, it can produce a range of issues including damage to the asphalt and liabilities in the winter months when people can slip and fall. Let's take a closer look at some of the sneaky ways water issues can cause big problems.

Winter Liability

In the winter months, the ground water that seeps into your parking lot can quickly become a mess of ice. This is dangerous for those who are walking across the parking lot, and it can be a big liability issue for your business.

Issues with Maintenance

Because of the way the leaks and water impact the asphalt, sealers are unlikely to work properly. When asphalt is always wet due to underground water seepage, sealant does not adhere and will re-emulsify. Not only is this not protecting your lot, it can also become an issue when the emulsified sealant is tracked into cars or stores.

Long Term Damage

Both the inability to properly maintain the pavement and the structural damage from standing water will cause long-term, costly damage. First entire areas will weaken, then large cracks and falls will occur. Potholes and cracks will be consistent, and fixes won't hold.

For as bad as this problem sounds, the solution is actually easy -- when you work with the right paving company. Drainage tile can redirect the water and save the asphalt, and once that area is addressed, your paving company can begin repairs that will last.

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