It's Summer: Time to Seal Your Asphalt

road in need of seal coating

There's so much to do in the summer! But there's one important thing we've gotta remind you to add to your to-do list: seal coating your asphalt.

Summer is the best time (and for some, the only time) to seal asphalt for a number of reasons (more on that in a moment). But because of the high demand, contractors tend to book up throughout the summer. It's vital that you plan ahead to take advantage of the summer days on this important task.

Why Seal Coat?

Seal coating has the unique ability to provide property owners with substantial savings over the lifetime of their asphalt. This service reduces the appearance of cracks, potholes, and other issues, and it offers ongoing protection from traffic and the elements.

It's important to seal coat regularly for best results. And, as we mentioned, it's important to do it in the summer.

Why Summer?

There are quite a few reasons why summer is seal coating season, but the most significant reason is the weather itself. Pavement seal curing is at its best when the sun is out and the temperature is warm. Overnight temperatures are moderate, too, which further helps with curing and ensures the surface is ready for use ASAP.

Summer is also the best time because the days are long. This gives workers more time to get the job done with plenty of light, and they can get more done at once. This makes everything easier, from moving equipment to scheduling, resulting in cost savings all around.

A reputable paving company will encourage you to seal coat in the summer, and most won't even warranty the work if it's not done in the summer months. Be sure to talk to your local pavers to learn more.

In Boise, your paving company is Pavement Specialties of Idaho. Contact us us today to learn more about seal coating.

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