Get Your Parking Lots and Driveways Ready for Winter

cleaning pavement

Winter can be tough on pavement and asphalt. Fall is the best time to start preparing for the unpredictable months of winter to minimize damage. Here are some tips to help you get set up for the season.

Clean and Repair

Existing cracks represent a major hazard as they can worsen considerably during the coldest months of the year. Moisture can get into the crevices, freeze, expand, and cause a lot of damage. Fortunately, cracks are pretty simple to repair, and those repairs can set you up with a clear surface that resists moisture.

Cleaning the surface of debris is another step that can reduce damage, and it gives you an opportunity to assess the entire surface for potential problems. This step is best completed when the majority of the leaves have fallen (or a few times during that occurrence) so you get the majority of debris.

Additional cleaning can include washing away dirt or using a pressure washer to completely clear all dirt and debris. You should also watch for any fluids like oil or gas and clean that up as soon as possible.

Check and Seal

In addition to checking for damage as we mentioned above, now is a good time to check water drainage. Improper water drainage can lead to big problems in many cases, so check for areas where water pools.

One of the final steps, before it gets too wintery, is seal coating. This is one of the best measures available against winter damage. Seal coating cannot be done during the winter, so be sure to schedule it before it’s too late in the year.

Schedule Winter Services

Pavement Specialties of Idaho can help you with your winter preparation – including seal coating – but we can also help you out during the winter. From snow removal and deicing to monitoring and maintenance, we’re totally prepared for all winter throws at you.

Find out more about the services we can offer by contacting us today!

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