Prepare for This Season's Worst with Professional Winter Services

parking lot covered in snow

Prompt snow removal and de-icing are critical when winter weather hits Boise's businesses and residential areas. When it comes to ice, it's always better to prevent build-up in the first place—a proactive approach that can save your business time and money. An early start and timely application is key to ice build-up prevention.

While you could potentially de-ice your commercial property yourself, professional winter services providers are trained to know which product is best for specific situations. Weather conditions, temperature, and the surrounding environment all play a role in deciding which de-icing solution to use on your property.

How to Keep Your Property Free of Ice and Snow

Here's a look at some of the methods professional winter services providers can use to keep your property and pavement free of ice and snow build-up, making it safer for both you and your customers.

  • Liquid calcium chloride is applied using our specialized liquid de-icing trucks. Calcium chloride is a heat-generating exothermic product that is safe for all surfaces and efficient to temperatures as low as 20 degrees.
  • Calcium chloride salt is applied with our specially equipped ATVs. Salt lowers water's freezing point, breaking the bond between your pavement and the ice forming on top.
  • Sanding trucks with 6-yard capacities are a safe, efficient option for providing traction in parking lots, intersections, and other areas where ice and snow build-up is a concern.
  • Snow removal and stacking services can help keep your property free of snow accumulations when winter delivers its worst. We monitor weather conditions 24/7, responding proactively at the first sign of possible snow or ice accumulation on your property.

Are you prepared for winter months ahead? Get in touch with us at Pavement Specialties of Idaho for a consultation today. You'll be glad you planned for the worst with our professional winter services when the next storm comes calling!

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