Save Time and Money with an Asphalt Parking Lot

Newly Paved Parking Lot

Managing a business location or another kind of property that welcomes the public can come with its share of headaches. The state of the exterior of your property, especially the parking lot, can be one of these reoccurring problems. Paving the lot with asphalt is a great way to prevent these issues before they can take hold and keep the outside of the property looking great.

Asphalt is Aesthetically Pleasing and Practical

An asphalt surface isn't just aesthetically pleasing, it also has practical benefits for your property. Some benefits include:

  • Easier to drive on in any weather conditions than an unpaved surface
  • Increased visibility of arrows, parking lines, and handicapped spots reduces the chance of issues while parking
  • Makes it safer to walk on in snow or rain and reduces the chance of a fall

Benefits for Businesses

But the business also benefits from this new and improved parking lot surface in numerous ways. A new parking lot:

  • Reduces the chance of a fender bender between customers or a slip and fall when someone is walking from their vehicle to your door. Reducing these kinds of incidents happening on your property keeps you from having to deal with liability claims and frivolous lawsuits. This also keeps your insurance premiums and assessed risk low so you don't have any problems renewing your policy in the future.
  • Means low maintenance for a long time. You're also less likely to have to perform regular maintenance on an asphalt lot over time, thanks to the low maintenance nature of the surface. If the asphalt is seal coated after it is laid, it should resist damage due to wear and tear or weather exposure over time. Potholes, cracks, and dents should be much slower to appear than they would if the lot were paved with cement or concrete.

If you're interested in covering your parking lot area with asphalt, Pavement Specialties can help. Contact us today! Our experienced team can help you figure out the costs and time involved, and take care of all the work for you.

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