Asphalt Repair Types Part 1

When it comes to asphalt repair, it may seem pretty upfront and simple.  Just fix it.  Well, that's similar to telling an auto mechanic to 'just fix it'.  There could be any one of many different methods or actions needed to fix the problem for both vehicles and asphalt. 

Here is the first installment of potential asphalt repair specifications:

  • Skin Patch: C-mix is manufactured by local paving plants, which is a sand/asphalt oil mix, without any sizable aggregate is used to fill depressions in asphaltic surfaces. On deep skin patches, a fine 3/8 inch plant mix may be used. Depressions are Owner selected. Pavement Specialties can use a water truck to attempt to find depressions. Water truck time is not included in the Skin Patch pay item but is to be paid for under its own item. Pavement Specialties makes no warranty or guarantee on Skin Patches.

  • Cold Patch: A solvent curing patching material used when hot material cannot be properly controlled. Pavement Specialties refrains from the use of Cold Patch material unless weather and location demands dictate its use. Pavement Specialties makes no warranty or guarantee on Cold Patch.

  • Saw cutting: Pavement Specialties will generally saw cut, or jackhammer (upon rare occasions when base damage is not an issue, we may wheel cut) the perimeter or match line full depth of the asphalt to prevent any false bonds or voids.

Ready to learn more? Here are the other two articles in the series:

Part 2 covers R&R asphalt, paving/stabilizing fabric, and stabilizing articles

Part 3 covers wedge cut, wedge course/scrub coat, asphalt paving, and overlays

While these three techniques aren't nearly all the potential options, they will help you get started in understanding how the process works and what we can do for your pavement job.  Stay tuned for more repair types to come and as always, if you have any questions, please give us a call or use this form to contact us today!

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