Commercial Asphalt 9-1-1: Repairing a Parking Lot in Disrepair

asphalt parking lot in disrepair

You walk into your parking lot one day and suddenly notice that it's full of cracks, potholes, and plain old ugly patches. Oh no! You don't want existing or potential customers to see your business looking like this. It's time for commercial asphalt 9-1-1!

Little Asphalt Problems to Look For

Here's the rule of thumb when it comes to your company's parking lot: if you're wondering whether it's time for commercial asphalt repair, then it probably is. All those tell-tale signs may not be big problems yet-other than being unattractive, of course--but they can quickly become costly and stressful.


Potholes aren't pretty, and they aren't safe either. They occur when soil shifts under the surface of the asphalt--and if you don't take care of them ASAP, they could become a pretty big deal.

Puddles or Water Pooling

Puddles and water pooling are a sign that your parking lot has a drainage issue. Standing water will wreak havoc on your asphalt over time, so don't overlook this problem.

Unattractive Areas

Is there a part of your company's parking lot that makes you shudder every time you see it? Is the paint peeling, the asphalt fading, or the whole thing starting to look like the front of a haunted house? These aren't just aesthetic issues--they're your pavements way of calling for help.

That's the bad news. Luckily, there's some good news: commercial asphalt can be repaired without breaking the bank.

One Big Asphalt Solution

Commercial asphalt repair has a lot of things going for it--but most importantly, it will keep those manageable issues from becoming big and expensive. Here are a few things you can expect from brand-new asphalt:

  • Longevity: Since asphalt is designed to last years with only minor maintenance.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Especially once you've applied brand new paint.

  • Safety: With no more cracks or potholes to worry about.

  • Value: Because easy installation means the asphalt experts can have your parking lot finished without breaking a sweat.

Worried about repairing your parking lot? Is it time for commercial asphalt 9-1-1? Contact us today!

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