From Excavation to Paving: Creating a New Parking Lot

New pavement or asphalt parking lot, Aerial view of an empty shopping center parking lot

What does it take to create a new parking lot? Can a company hope to handle it alone? Here's everything you need to know to get the pavement of your dreams!

Creating Parking Lots

You probably don't think of your company's parking lot as a work of art, but when you know what goes into creating that work of art, you might just change your mind! Here are the steps involved in creating a new parking lot (and what you need to know if you plan to try it yourself):

#1: Excavation

Whether it's dirt or ruined pavement, something will need to be moved to begin work on a new parking lot. That's where excavation begins, usually with paving experts and heavy equipment--and it's the first step in the journey.

#2: Preparation

Next, the area is prepared for the future parking lot. This involves grading and sloping, both of which will make it possible to create a safe, long-lasting pavement surface.

#3: Sub-base installation

The sub-base is the groundwork upon which a new parking lot will rise. It protects against weather and other hazards and creates a safe, compacted foundation for new pavement.

#4: Binding

Now it's time to place the oil-based substance that will provide the future asphalt with its strength and durability.

#5: Creation

It's finally time to create the new parking lot! Asphalt made up of sand, oil, and other fine particles will be placed, and, when completed, will have a shiny black appearance and impressive longevity.

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