How Often You Should Pave Roads and Parking Lots

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If your property includes a road or parking space that you are responsible for taking care of, sooner or later you will have to contemplate calling an asphalt paving service to maintain the surface. Once a roadway becomes chipped or torn up, it can cause hazardous damage to any vehicles that drive along it. Roads and parking lots will naturally need re-paving after years of traffic driving over them, but doing them too often can be a waste of resources. Knowing how often to pay an asphalt paving service to re-pave your roads or parking lot will help prevent overspending on this resource. 

Signs That It Is Time to Call an Asphalt Paving Company 

Even if you aren't an expert, there are visible signs that your asphalt is getting old and ready to fail. Some of the most obvious signs that it is time to have an asphalt surface re-paved include:

  • Cracks or warping in the surface that allow moisture to seep in, damaging the integrity of the pavement. 
  • Potholes or dents that make the surface uneven, causing damage to vehicle tires and allowing moisture to pool in certain areas
  • Discolorations or warping along the pavement surface, which causes the area to wear unevenly

If the damage is only superficial, the asphalt paving service may be able to fix the cracks instead of re-paving the entire surface. While this can prolong the life of the surface, it is a temporary fix. Eventually, the surface will need to be re-paved in order to preserve structural integrity. At the time repairs are done, the asphalt service can offer you recommendations on when this will need to be completed. 

Being pro-active about the condition of your driveway, road or parking lot is the best way to keep these expenses in budget and under control. If you're looking for a reputable asphalt paving service to take care of your road or parking lot, contact Pavement Specialties today. Our team can help you assess the condition of the pavement and determine if re-paving is necessary.  

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