Identifying Common Types Of Asphalt Damage

sink hole in road

We've compiled the 4 most common asphalt damages that can happen to driveways, parking lots, and public roads. They are: cracking, potholes, upheaval, and sinkholes. Read on to learn more about each of these.


Asphalt is graying in color, with a marble-like cracked appearance. It resembles animal scales, and is no longer impervious to water which weakens the foundation underneath rapidly. This is the last stage before it starts to pop out and crumble in spots or creates potholes.


These are large areas where the foundation has been allowed to erode and sink until the asphalt breaks away into large round pieces.


An area of asphalt where elements from below the surface cause the sub-base to rise, pushing the surface upward. Most common culprits are tree roots.


When the surface below is insufficient to sustain the demands placed on the surface.

Pavement Specialties follows specific guidelines to make sure the surface below can adequately support the weight and volume of activity above the surface. We do damage prevention by making sure the sub-base is able to sustain our work, as well as repair the above. Contact us today for a consultation or quote.

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