The Importance of Seal Coating Your Parking Lot

Idaho asphalt

Business owners are faced each day with decisions to be made about their facility. If you own the location of your business, you have to make decisions from the type of light bulbs being used all the way up to the color schemes and remodeling choices. Of course, your business facility extends outside of the building itself; it extends right out into the parking lot.

What is the current state of your parking lot? Have you ever considered having it seal coated? Why or why not?

The purpose of seal coating tends to be more easily understood when asphalt itself is well understood. Asphalt is made up mostly of rocks, fine sand or stones, and gravel, along with asphalt cement to hold it all together. As you can imagine, these combined materials break apart as time goes on, making the asphalt less and less usable. As the asphalt becomes worn and brittle, it is less likely to give proper traction or withstand heavy loads. What can you do to lessen the effects?

Seal Coating Your Parking Lot

Seal coating your parking lot does a few things for you. The first and most obvious is that it helps protect your asphalt from deterioration. Of course, as a business owner, it is important for you to know all of the benefits associated with an investment before taking the next step, so let us take a look at what you can gain from seal coating your parking lot. Here is what seal coating will do for you:

  • Create better traction for customers walking through your parking lot
  • Provide a darker parking lot, making traffic lines more visible
  • Improve curb appeal and property value
  • Decrease damage to asphalt when it is exposed to oils or other substances
  • Seal out water and moisture
  • Prevent oxidation
  • Increases the life of your pavement

If you are interested in seal coating your parking lot, simply contact us today!

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