Parking Lot Maintenance: Sweeping

Boise Parking Lot

Why Do I Need To Sweep My Parking Lot?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the first thing my customers see when they are driving by or pulling into my parking lot?”  Do they see a well-maintained parking lot that is clean and cosmetically pleasing? Shopping centers, office parks, and apartment complexes rely on sweeping to make a good first impression.

Parking lot sweeping is a must for your business if you want to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. It also protects your asphalt--a big investment that you don't want to have to make sooner than you need to. And, it's a matter of compliance, too. Bottom line? There are many very good reasons to keep your parking lot swept. 

Benefits Beyond Cosmetics

Besides the cosmetic perspective, the surface of your parking lot represents a large investment.  Sands left in a parking lot will have the same effect that sandpaper has on wood.  Regular sweeping removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris that cause damage to the surface of your parking lot structure.  If allowed, built up debris will find its way into the corners of a parking lot and will retain moisture.  Sitting moisture causes deterioration of your asphalt.  In some cases, moisture allows seeds to germinate granting water access to the subgrade.  Other debris will find its way to the storm drain system. This will eventually have adverse effects such as a plugged drain system, standing water, potholes and failing structures that will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Last but not least, sweeping is considered a “Best Management Practice” (BMP) by the Environmental Protection Agency.  A regular sweeping program will help you keep your property compliant with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.  Consistent sweeping removes the pollutants that might otherwise end up in the air we breathe or water we drink. Find out about street sweeping services by contacting us today

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