Residential Asphalt: The Why & When of Repaving

Asphalt driveway in front of an orange house with attached garage

Whether you're trying to sell your home or just want to update that old curb appeal, one thing's for certain: residential asphalt plays a huge role in a house's overall appearance. Here's everything you didn't know you needed to know about your driveway (and how to make it look better than ever).

The Why

Many homeowners think that they don't need to worry about asphalt paving and services; after all, you don't have any parking lot stripes on your residential driveway, and you probably don't need to maintain parking spots--so how much care does your asphalt really need?

Well, the truth is that even a residential driveway needs a little expert care every now and again. For example, a tiny crack or a small drainage problem can quickly become a huge pain--not to mention the shabby appearance of a neglected driveway.

Here are a few more "whys" to keep in mind when it comes to repaving:

  • Home value: Make prospective buyers fall in love with your house before they've even opened the front door. A newly repaved driveway has all kinds of home value!

  • Reliability: You want a driveway that will hold up to all kinds of weather, all kinds of use, and a whole lot of time. Neglected asphalt won't get you very far in the reliability category.

  • Safety: A happy driveway is a safe driveway!

  • Cost: A little maintenance now, can save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, residential repaving is incredibly affordable.

The When

Now that you know why it's important to put aside some time for residential paving services, let's find out when you should plan on maintaining your driveway. Keep an eye out for these red flags:

Aesthetic issues

If you wince a little every time you have to pull into your garage, it might be time for an asphalt makeover. Repaving is a simple way to make that driveway look brand-new.

Drainage issues

Is water pooling in the middle of your driveway or failing to drain the way it should? This isn't just irritating--it can be a big problem later down the line. If this problem sounds familiar, it might be time to consider residential repaving services.

Cracks and potholes

Cracks and potholes are both an aesthetic issue and a safety issue. There are temporary fixes available depending on the size of these imperfections, but you want something that will last--so repaving is likely your best option.

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