Should You Plow Your Own Parking Lot This Winter?

man shoveling snow

Snow is on its way to Boise, and if your Boise business parking lots and sidewalks haven't been hit yet, they will be soon!

When a winter storm is in the forecast, you'll need to be prepared. Some business owners opt for professional snow removal and others plan for a DIY approach.

Here are a few things to factor in when deciding how you'll handle snow and ice removal for your Boise business this winter.

  • The convenience factor — You could roll out of bed at 3:00 in the morning and hop on your trusty snowplow, but the idea doesn't sound very attractive, even from a distance. If you plan now for professional snow removal services, some other guy will don his boots and parka and head out to clear your parking lot for you. You can enjoy another cup of coffee and show up when the coast is clear.
  • The cost factor — Paying for the right equipment for snow and ice removal isn't cheap. Even if your parking lot is on the small side, you'll need a truck or tractor with a plow and possibly a salt or sand spreader. A professional snow removal contractor has already invested in the right equipment for the job. Instead of paying to purchase, insure, and store winter snow removal equipment, you can access professional equipment without the high costs.
  • The liability factor — Professional snow removal companies have the expertise to remove as much of the snow and ice blanketing your parking lot and sidewalk areas as possible. If you opt for a DIY approach, your business will be held liable if someone falls or has an accident.

Winter weather is headed your way! For help with ice and snow removal and other commercial services, contact us at Pavement Specialties today!

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