Street Sweeping is Important

Street Sweeper cleaning up

Have you ever been to a city, part of town, or neighborhood that had the most unattractive and dirty roads? You probably felt uncomfortable and regardless of the natural beauty of the town, you probably were too busy focused on the trash that was piling up on the side of the road or even in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, there are many places that don’t realize how important it is to keep their streets clean. Not only does keeping the streets clean make the town look nice and attract new visitors, but it also helps the environment and reduces safety hazards. 

The Purpose of Street Sweeping

What's the point of street sweeping? Essentially, street sweeping helps keep the area clean, which in turn promotes public health and safety. Debris-free areas ensure that residents and visitors are safe, reduce the likelihood of vehicle damage, and, in the case of private property, ensure you're not at risk for legal fees if something happens. Keeping streets clean is one of the easiest and most impactful ways cities, counties, and property owners can do for long-term pavement care and risk management. Plus, clean streets just look better!

How Street Sweeping Does Good

There are a few main areas that street sweeping positively impacts. Let's take a look at those now.

Health and Safety

Trash-filled roads are hazardous. Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists may have to manuever to avoid hitting debris, which could lead to accidents. Some garbage could be dangerous for humans, too, especially sharp objects like nails or metal (which can also damage cars!)

In addition to reducing hazards, street sweeping has some other health and safety perks. Buildups of garbage attract rodents, bugs, and other critters. This could pose a safety risk, and animals -- including pets -- could injest something harmful causing further issues. 

Property Values and Local Economy

Remember that question we asked you about being in a part of town with unclean roads? That area probably had diminished property values, and it's a pretty sure bet it wasn't touristy area. Roads that aren't swept tend to reduce the value of homes and other properties and local economies can suffer. While a cleaning a dirty street isn't going to automatically boost the economy, long-term it will have a positive impact. And for areas that already have clean streets, keeping them clean is crucial. 

Storm Drains

If trash and debris clog the storm drains then where will all of the water go if there is a storm? That is why many cities have chosen to hire street sweepers to keep the streets clean and to protect the town in case of a storm. Street sweeping helps remove debris from the gutter and roadsides that would otherwise go into storm drains, causing water pollution.

How Street Sweeping Works

Large trucks travel through the streets to remove garbage and debris, a crucial measure for safe driving, human health, watershed health, and aesthetics.

Pavement Specialties believes that street sweeping is very important! Street sweepers can be used in parking lots, parking garages, neighborhoods or the road. Keeping the area you live in or work in clean has many benefits. Contact us today to learn more about street sweeping!

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