What to Ask a Commercial Paving Company

Aerial view of asphalting construction works with commercial repair equipment

If you want to have some commercial paving done but aren't sure where to start, worry no more--this is your quick, easy guide to choosing the right company to be your "partner in pavement." Let's find out how to make sure you're working with the experts!

Questions to Ask Before 

Not all paving companies are created equal. Some are innocent--for example, new companies that lack the experience, equipment, or the workforce to get a large-scale commercial job done correctly; they're a good choice for specific jobs, but not all. Other companies, however, are just out to make a dollar. They tell you they're the experts and maybe even provide some phony references--but when they inevitably do a poor job, they won't return your calls or fix the problem.

How do you make sure you don't fall victim to a dishonest or unprepared paving company? Simple: ask these questions!

Who are you?

A good commercial paving company will be proud of their history, customers, and mission statement. They'll be eager to get to know you and to create a valuable, long-term relationship.

Are you licensed and insured?

This is an important detail. Licenses keep you protected from fake, unreliable, or even illegal companies, while insurance keeps you safe from any issues or accidents that may occur.

Can I see testimonials?

It's one thing to have an excellent rating online--it's another thing entirely to provide full, reliable testimonials from satisfied (and verified) customers. Ask for all the details!

What can you tell me about my project?

Commercial paving jobs tend to be a little more complicated, simply because parking lots are more prominent and differently shaped than your average residential driveway. Ask if the company has recommendations for your unique project--and, of course, make sure they can provide an estimated price.

Are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective commercial paving company? Contact us today for all the help you need!

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