What Excavators Do and Why You Should Hire Them

Close up details of industrial excavator working on construction site

While excavation simply means moving dirt from one place to another, it is a vital function of many projects in construction and waterway management. As this type of work requires technical expertise and very expensive, heavy equipment, excavation is not something that most companies can take on. Professional excavation contractors also carry the appropriate insurance to protect against any accidents. These are just a few reasons that professional excavation contractors are invaluable to many large projects.

Typical Jobs for Excavation Contractors

Excavation contractors use a variety of heavy equipment to allow them to tackle any job. This includes backhoes, dredgers, bulldozers, tractors, and power shovels. They also use light hand tools like pickaxes and shovels.

Typical jobs include:

  • Clearing land
  • Creating foundations for new construction
  • Demolition
  • Storm drain systems
  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Long reach excavation for hard to reach areas
  • Pool installations
  • Water and Gas line installations

Why Use a Professional Excavation Contractor?

There are several reasons companies should use excavation contractors for large projects. First, professionals will have the right large and small equipment to perform the work. Their employees have the necessary skills to operate the machinery and get the job done.

Also, they will have the correct permits. All of these reasons lower the risks for the company directing the project. When an excavator accepts a job, they will have the right insurance in place to protect if there is an accident. This limits the liability of the company leading the project. Excavation projects don’t always happen according to plan. Dirt caving in is a common experience. With a professional excavator, they’ll know how to handle the situation, even if they encounter large rock formations or other surprises.

Lastly, it's important to understand that while it may be tempting to tackle the work yourself, excavation is a job best left to the professionals. They are skilled at handling equipment and any situation that arises. Without their expertise, project costs can escalate when problems occur.

The Real Job of an Excavator

So, excavators move dirt around. They do so much more, though. They can prepare lots for new foundations. This includes removing soil, testing the firmness of the soil, and compacting it to bear the weight of the new home. The soil will be graded to the specifications of the surveyor. While at the construction site, excavators will coordinate with other contractors working on the project. Beyond moving dirt, excavators are also able to dredge silt and sediment from harbors, lakes, and rivers. This deescalates soil erosion along the shoreline.

Working with an excavation contractor can save time and money on large projects. They bring both the heavy equipment and knowledge to the table to get the job done safely and effectively. At Pavement Specialties of Idaho, our team is committed to providing quality services in a safe working environment. When you need professional excavation services, give us a call today!

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