What To Know About Sealcoating

man seal coat spraying asphalt

Asphalt is the often-unappreciated "first impression" of any business. Many people don't even realize they're making judgments just based on the parking lot, but it's a common occurrence. That means you want your asphalt to be safe, attractive, and functional. Luckily, that's where commercial asphalt repair and sealcoating come in!

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a pretty big part of commercial asphalt repair. A sealcoat is a protective layer that goes right over your asphalt to keep it safe from just about everything, from long days of wear and tear to damaging UV light. If it sounds like a simple solution to a lot of potentially expensive problems, that's because it is!

There are all kinds of benefits to sealcoating your commercial asphalt, including:

  • cleaner, more professional appearance;
  • protection from the elements;
  • defense against damage over time;
  • control of existing damage;
  • and fewer big repair jobs in the future.

What You Need to Know

Now that you know the basics about sealcoating, here are a few more things to keep in mind as you plan your asphalt repair project!

  • Cost

The cost of sealcoating will depend mostly on the size of your parking lot, but other factors will come in to play. For example, different sealcoat materials have different prices; similarly, the condition of your asphalt -- as well as the layout -- will impact the overall project.

  • Timing

The best time to sealcoat your commercial asphalt is when the temperature is above 55 degrees for a full 24 hours (so the sealcoat can sit safely). This means you'll need to pick your timing carefully, so you don't run into cold overnight temperatures!

  • Application

One thing to remember about applying sealcoat is that your pavement needs to be cleaned before the project begins. It's often best to call in the asphalt pros for the whole job--that way, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best, most professional service.

Are you interested in commercial asphalt repair? Ready to begin a sealcoat project? Contact us today!

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