Why Chip Seal?

Boise chip sealing

We rely on roads more than we know. Every day, we battle traffic to get wherever we need to go, and then battle traffic to get back again--but it is because of roads that any of this is possible. We learn the names of roads, know where they're going, know which other roads they intersect and learn so much about how crowded they are that we know just which ones to avoid. These simple paths of asphalt decorated with white and yellow lines are important parts of daily life, but the thing is, we use them often. The constant roll of our tires can wear down the loyal roads--and that's where chip seal comes in.

Chip Sealing

The chip seal process begins when asphalt is mixed with 30% water and applied to the road using a specialized truck equipped with sprayers. The water begins to evaporate upon contact with the road. At this point, a layer of crushed gravel is applied and embedded into the asphalt with more specialized equipment--rollers with rubber tires. The chip seal is then left to cure for around two days, in which traffic is free to travel the road, though speeds must be reduced to 35 mph to reduce the chance of damage to vehicles. After two days, the loose gravel is swept away, and the chip seal process is completed.

The Benefits of Chip Seal

So, why do we chip seal our loyal roads? There are many benefits of chip sealing--and here's a quick look at how a chip seal can make your local roads even more safe and reliable.

  • Water resistant. Chip sealing keeps water from penetrating paved surfaces and causing damage. This eliminates costly issues later, with minimal to no inconvenience now.
  • Renew. When roads need a "touch-up" but don't need to be completely repaved, it is chip sealing that comes to the rescue. Chip sealing can fill cracks and level out rough surfaces, without causing the delay of repaving.
  • Safety. Chip sealing a road provides an anti-glare surface for wet-weather driving, a reflective surface for night driving, and a skid-resistant surface. These safety measures are invaluable in minimizing traffic accidents.
  • Cost. A chip seal job costs up to 20% less than pavement overlays.

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