Winter Asphalt Services: Ice and Snow Removal

snow removal concept, snow plow attached to the front of a truck, shoveling or plowing parking lot

Winter is here, and with it, some frigid temperatures. Sure, snow and ice can be fun--but not for your asphalt, and certainly not for the cars and pedestrians trying to travel. Here's what you need to know about ice and snow removal and all the winter services your asphalt needs!

Bracing Yourself

Whether you've been snowed in for weeks or you haven't seen so much as a flurry, one thing is clear: winter weather means business, and when it shows up in earnest, it can be a big strain on your asphalt. Winter services help keep your asphalt safe for drivers and pedestrians, all while extending its life and limiting long-term damage from extreme conditions. The most important things you can do are plan ahead, make contingency plans on top of contingency plans, and brace yourself for the cold!

Of course, there are two main troublemakers when it comes to winter weather: snow and ice. Here's how expert winter services can help you (and your asphalt!) stay safe this winter.


  • Weather monitoring

    Being ready for snow is half the job. 24/7 weather monitoring makes it easy for your go-to winter services experts to know when you'll need a little extra help.

  • Snow removal

    Some parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks simply don't have the space for extra snow--let alone plow trucks. Our winter services include a snow removal option: we'll haul that snow away, so you don't have to worry about it!

  • Snow plowing and stacking

    You can also choose to have snow plowed or stacked on your property. Although these options, especially snow stacking, require a little extra planning, they are also more flexible than snow removal.


  • Trucks

    Liquid de-icing trucks make slippery asphalt a thing of the past--and they're efficient, too.

  • Salt spreaders

    For more precise jobs, there are ATVs that can spread salt. ATVs can reach places that a truck can't, helping keep your asphalt safe no matter what the conditions.

  • Salts

    We use calcium chloride salt and liquid calcium chloride to remove ice from your asphalt. These reliable options help keep your pavement and your visitors safe and happy through the cold months.

Are you looking for ice and snow removal? Want to plan ahead with winter services? Contact us today to get started!

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