Winter Maintenance for Commercial Asphalt

snow piles by the side of parking lot, asphalt in winter

Winter's right around the corner, which means that people and pavement need to get ready for cold temperatures and bad weather. Of course, for you, that means putting on a coat or breaking out the hot cocoa--but what does it mean for your parking lot? Here are some tips to help prepare your commercial asphalt for the winter and avoid significant repairs when spring rolls around!

Making a Plan

It's important to prepare for the winter weather ahead of time. A little scheduled maintenance (and a bit of good planning) can help make commercial asphalt repair less pressing, as well as less expensive when you need it.

Here are some tips to help your pavement get through the coldest months of the year!

#1: Clean up before the snow.

Cleaning gives you an opportunity to "check up on" your parking lot. You'll get rid of the debris to protect the pavement, sure, but you'll also notice cracks, pooling water, and any other issues that you should address before everything's buried under the snow.

#2: Shovel, shovel, shovel.

Regular shoveling keeps heavy, damaging snow from weighing down on your commercial asphalt--plus, it keeps walkways and parking spaces clear for employees and customers.

#3: Get yourself ready, too.

Have a shovel and a backup shovel--or maybe the number of a snow removal service. Also, look out for emergency repair options if something comes up, and you can't rely on the weather to give you enough time for a full overhaul.

#4: Be careful with the deicer.

Deicers can help keep your pavement safe for people, but not necessarily for the environment--or even the pavement itself. Make sure to choose deicers with caution, as some are more effective (and less troublesome) than others.

Need help with commercial asphalt repair before winter hits? Looking for other pavement maintenance tips? Contact us today to get started!

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