Fri, Jul. 27, 2012

While this article may not be the most useful post you've ever read, it answers a question that many have been wondering for their entire life: What causes the 'heat shimmers' over hot pavement?  You've certainly noticed the distortion of your vision over the pavement on a hot day and wondered.  We are glad to be able to solve this mystery for you once and for all.

On a hot summer day, the pavement absorbs an impressive amount of heat as it's in direct sunlight.  As the heat radiates...

Sat, May. 26, 2012

The short answer is that yes, extended exposure to the sun can have a damaging effect on your pavement. The sun can cause damage because solar radiation contributes to asphalt cracking. It also has a bleaching effect on asphalt and can cause it to turn gray over time instead of the dark black it once started out as.   

You might be thinking that your pavement is always in the sun, and there isn't anything you can really do about it.  That is perfectly okay, you just need to be aware...

Sun, May. 20, 2012

As a commercial pavement and asphalt company, Pavement Specialties has taken care of many different customers from small residential jobs up to large commercial jobs like the Cabela's here in town.  If you ever want to see the quality of our work, just check out the Cabela's parking lot!

If you are considering paving services, it can help to know those past clients were treated well and given excellent service.  We strive to do just that, but don't take our word for it.  Here is an...

Sun, Apr. 22, 2012

Spring is now in full swing and with it comes the rain. You've certainly noticed the last month or so worth of constant rain. What you may not know, is that this rain can compromise the integrity of your pavement whether it's your driveway or a parking lot. If your asphalt has any cracks, splits or other interruptions, all this rain runs down into those cracks and begins to wash away the subgrade. If you've ever hit a pothole or seen dips in the road, this is often caused by the subgrade...

Thu, Apr. 19, 2012
Boise Parking Lot

Now that the snow has melted away, trees are budding, the grass is getting greener and it's time for spring cleaning! Most businesses and residences do some spring cleaning inside. Everything from dusting off those shelves that have been compiling filth for the last four months to sweeping the floor behind the desk. When it comes to the outdoors, generally the lawn gets mowed and trimmed, we pick up some branches and debris around the yard and clean out the flower beds. The last step in this...

Thu, Feb. 23, 2012
Boise Parking Lot

Treasure Valley, What Really Runs Off a Parking Lot?

1. Sediments

Dirt and sediments will build up in parking lots over time.  There are many different causes of sediment build up.  Asphalt, concrete, and sealers, all release small sand particles caused from traffic and water erosion that will eventually build up in a parking lot. Dirt and sand are like compound interest.  The more you have, the more it will produce.  Dirt and sand are abrasive materials that will erode...

Wed, Feb. 01, 2012
Boise Parking Lot

Why Do I Need To Sweep My Parking Lot?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the first thing my customers see when they are driving by or pulling into my parking lot?”  Do they see a well-maintained parking lot that is clean and cosmetically pleasing? Shopping centers, office parks, and apartment complexes rely on sweeping to make a good first impression.

Another factor is the parking lot striping of your business, but that's a subject for another time.  A professional...


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