Wed, Sep. 11, 2019
asphalt paving

If your property includes a road or parking space that you are responsible for taking care of, sooner or later you will have to contemplate calling an asphalt paving service to maintain the surface. Once a roadway becomes chipped or torn up, it can cause hazardous damage to any vehicles that drive along it. Roads and parking lots will naturally need re-paving after years of traffic driving over them, but doing them too often can be a waste of resources. Knowing how often to pay an asphalt...

Mon, Aug. 19, 2019
Cracked asphalt with white line, paved street background or overlay

Many people don’t quite understand the difference between asphalt overlay and asphalt sealcoat, which is understandable; they have similar processes that are both used to upgrade and maintain your asphalt.

Asphalt Overlay

So what is asphalt overlay? Basically, it is a patch job done on your asphalt. An overlay is typically done when you start seeing cracking or potholes forming on your asphalt, but not damaged enough to need a full replacement. This process is done by coming...

Sun, Aug. 04, 2019
plant growing from broken asphalt

Asphalt is more sustainable then you might know. Take, for example, the fact that 93% of America’s paved roads are surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt has proven time and time again to be a green option for business and personal use for years now. We have gathered up some amazing environmental facts about asphalt that you might find interesting!

Eco-Benefits of Asphalt

  • The US recycles more...

Thu, Jul. 25, 2019
man walking in a parking lot that needs repair

Asphalt can be your best friend or your worst enemy--and sometimes, a little bit of repair and maintenance makes all the difference. One frustration you might have with your asphalt is the "sinking and heaving" problem--a parking lot that dips in one corner and/or lifts way too high in another, creating an uneven and unsafe surface. Let's find out what you can do to solve this problem!

The Thing About Asphalt

The thing about asphalt is that it's designed for high-...

Wed, Jun. 26, 2019
repairing asphalt

Now for the final installment of this educational series!  If you haven't read the first two posts, they contain other methods and styles of asphalt repair so you may want to skim over them. 

Here are four more types of asphalt repair methods:

  • Wedge Cut: Prior to overlaying, additional material depth often creates lips and drainage problems. Pavement Specialties will use the industry-standard of feathering the overlay or buildup down unless the...

Fri, Jun. 21, 2019
repairing road

Building on the previous post, there are many different types and styles of asphalt repair.  These articles are here to give you an insight into how asphalt jobs are approached and the different methods of fixing problems. 

Here is the second installment of potential asphalt repair specifications:

  • R&R Asphalt (Remove and Replace Asphalt): The perimeter area of the asphalt mat to be removed and replaced will be fully cut, and the old asphaltic...
Wed, Jun. 19, 2019
Street Sweeper cleaning up

Have you ever been to a city, part of town, or neighborhood that had the most unattractive and dirty roads? You probably felt uncomfortable and regardless of the natural beauty of the town, you probably were too busy focused on the trash that was piling up on the side of the road or even in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, there are many places that don’t realize how important it is to keep their streets clean. Not only does keeping the streets clean make the town look nice and...

Sat, Jun. 15, 2019
repairing roadway

When it comes to asphalt repair, it may seem pretty upfront and simple.  Just fix it.  Well, that's similar to telling an auto mechanic to 'just fix it'.  There could be any one of many different methods or actions needed to fix the problem for both vehicles and asphalt. 

Here is the first installment of potential asphalt repair specifications:

  • Skin Patch: C-mix is manufactured by local paving plants, which is a sand/asphalt oil mix, without any...

Thu, Apr. 25, 2019
Parking Lot plan

Do you have a parking lot budget? The chances are, you're focused on budgeting for your company's other needs--but the truth is that preparing for parking lot problems, updates, or changes is a savvy choice. That way, you don't end up struggling with unexpected costs. Here's how to create a parking lot budget.

Protecting the Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots don't necessarily...

Mon, Apr. 15, 2019
Resurfacing Asphalt

Concrete is a popular choice for all kinds of construction jobs. Whether it's a floor, a sidewalk, or a whole parking lot, plenty of people rely on concrete every day--but what happens when concrete becomes cracked and worn? Well, that's where asphalt comes in.

Why Resurface?

Although concrete is a fairly reliable choice for many jobs, it doesn't last forever. Eventually, concrete will begin showing signs of failure, including:

  • Staining
  • Cracks...


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