Thu, Aug. 11, 2016
Boise Paving

For businesses with an asphalt driveway or parking lot, maintenance is an important reality. Without maintaining your company's asphalt, you'll end up with a cracked, faded, and a potentially hazardous surface that will reflect badly on your storefront or office building. One of the key tasks of asphalt maintenance is seal coating, a process that increases your asphalt's UV and substance resistance.


Fri, Jul. 29, 2016
Idaho Asphalt

It can be frustrating when your asphalt pavement begins to crack, especially if it's in front of your business. Even with the best of maintenance and monitoring, asphalt can crack. The good news is that with Pavement Specialties of Idaho, you can rest assured that you'll have experts on the job immediately to remedy the situation. When asphalt begins to crack and show signs of wear, the best course of action is to remediate...

Thu, Jul. 14, 2016
Boise Paving

If you're a business owner or a facilities manager, you know that handling the maintenance of your parking lot isn't always simple, especially after a snowy winter and heading into a hot summer.

Parking lot maintenance is incredibly important, however, and can help your storefront or organization location look professional and appealing. A cracked, dirty parking lot could make even the nicest, most updated...

Thu, Jun. 30, 2016
Idaho Asphalt

Are you putting in a driveway this summer during the warm construction season? If so, you're probably considering one of two options: concrete or asphalt. These two choices are attractive for different reasons, but many home and business owners don't realize how cost-effective and advantageous asphalt can be.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveways for...

Thu, Jun. 16, 2016
Boise Paving

Summertime is heating up here in Boise, and we're all hitting the pavement for walks, runs, bike rides, and parades. Particularly in a dry climate like ours, summer can mean dirty pavement that doesn't get "washed" with rain. That means it's time for pavement sweeping.

Pavement Sweeping with Pavement Specialties

We offer a variety of pavement sweeping options, and our crews are always available with state-...

Tue, Jan. 26, 2016
Boise Pavers

Life is all about choices. Some choices are pretty small, and even in the rush of the moment, they don't seem terribly important. Strawberry gum or spearmint? Pen or pencil? Cheeseburger or salad? There are also bigger choices; what kind of car to buy, where to go on vacation, how to spend your free time. And then, at the top of the "life choices" totem pole, there rests the crown--the decisions that can change your life. Marriage? College? Career? These are the big issues, the choices that...

Wed, Jan. 13, 2016
Idaho Asphalt

As human beings, it's our job to take care of things. We take care of houses. We take care of bills. We take care of animals, of each other, of the Earth, of our world; essentially, we take care of everything that requires protection and maintenance, and all because a little care now can prevent a big problem later. Consider, for example, what happens when we put off something important like taking care of the car. What started as a little problem can branch off like a tree, and before we...

Fri, Dec. 11, 2015
Boise Paving

Roads come in a lot of different forms. There are the loyal, reliable roads we drive on every day, communicating with us in lines of white and yellow. There are the paths that we take in our lives--and whether you take the one well-worn or the one less traveled by, these paths still make all the difference. Quieter than both of these, humbler and less noticed, are the modest little brothers: the walkways. We don't think about walkways very much. The fact that we can so easily take them as...

Mon, Nov. 30, 2015
Idaho Asphalt Services

Do you view your driveway as part of the road? Many people don't--and, when you think about it, that makes sense. Driveways are more a part of the home than of the road. Our driveways certainly don't have stoplights or traffic signs or yellow and white lines to tell us where to drive, and we can usually cross them without a crosswalk, and we don't have to share them with hundreds of other drivers at one time. Driveways are more personal in simple, everyday sort of ways. However, driveways...

Mon, Sep. 21, 2015
Boise seal coating

From the moment we first get our license, it's all about the car. We focus on make and model and passengers and insurance, and, most importantly, how to stay safe with all of the other cars surrounding us. We obsess over the perfect paint-job and envy those who speed past us in gorgeous sports cars. It's true: driving is a big part of our lives, but it can't be "all about the car." The road, too, deserves a fair portion of our attention—after all, it is this silent, snaking path of asphalt,...


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