Boise Asphalt Sweeping

Parking Lot SweepingWhether you are in need of regular sweeping, a simple spring cleanup or anything in between, our sweeping division is dedicated to providing you with the quality you deserve. Our team is reliable, and efficient, with crews available 24 hours a day, all year long. With the use of vacuum sweepers and street sweepers, we can handle anything from light cleanup to heavily soiled parking lots, and construction cleanup.

Parking Lots and Parking Garages

Nite Hawk Street SweeperParking lot sweeping is important for two reasons. One is perception of a clean site by your potential customers, tenants, or visitors. The other is preservation of the parking structure itself.

In today’s highly competitive market, an unsightly parking area can create a negative impact. The added expense of parking area maintenance cannot compare to the loss in revenue. Most customers will decide to go across the street to shop at the competition with the well-maintained property. The parking area is the first thing the customer observes when entering your establishment, which may determine whether or not they decide to do business with you.

More importantly… with costs rising in the construction industry, proper maintenance is the key to keeping high costs at bay. Parking lot sweeping plays a huge role in preserving your asphalt by keeping debris off the curb lines where moisture is found due to weather and sprinklers. Heavily soiled areas draw moisture, and if unattended, soon cause deterioration of the asphalt, which will lead to cracks and potholes. A heavily soiled lot will also show faster wear and loss of fines that help hold and maintain aggregates that directly affect the structure of an asphalt mat. Once deterioration has occurred, and moisture begins to penetrate the sub-grade, the repair stage is upon you and quickly becomes excessive.

Street Sweeping & Homeowner’s Associations

Commercial Street and Parking Lot Sweeping

Street sweeping is provided for construction site cleanup, roadways, parks, and other call-out services for larger debris. The street sweepers will pick up larger debris including sand, stones, heavy soils, and debris normally found in roadways following construction equipment, fall months foliage, or winter months sanding regiments. These sweepers will normally have a 4yd hopper or larger and will be high or low dumps.

Again, as with parking lots, sweeping of your roadways limits the deterioration of your asphalt and will minimize the roadway liabilities by removing sandy conditions or large debris that may cause damage to vehicles.

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