Residential Idaho Asphalt: Seal Coating

Crack Repair

Crack repair is a necessity for the long term life expectancy of your asphalt driveway. Continuous maintenance of the cracks in your driveway will mitigate water penetration of your sub-grade. We recommend cracks be sealed a minimum of every two years. As a homeowner cold pour crack fill can be purchased at your local home improvement store. While this crack material may not meet the specifications of a hot pour filler, it will minimize the penetration of water.


Sealcoat is applied to protect your asphalt driveway. Cleanliness of the driveway prior to application is imperative. Your contractor should provide various cleaning options. Some of those options may include power brooming, air blowing, or power washing. The sealcoat can be applied by broom, squeegee, or spray applications.

Prior to sealcoat application, we suggest you always talk to your contractor about the existing condition of your driveway. Ask them about drainage, and the current structural integrity of the asphalt. Ask if the current condition is conducive to sealcoating and what the life expectancy will be, based on the application rate they will recommend. Also, ask your contractor how they will regulate the application rate and water content.

For You to Consider…

Sealcoating is a market that is sometimes full of new contractors out to make a fast dollar at your expense. Sealcoating is not an overly technical process. However, quality control will definitely dictate the longevity of the product. The product itself is only half of the end result. The cleanliness, application methods, and processes make up the other half.

Be sure you are working with a reputable contractor. If you have questions regarding the ability of the contractor, request references that range from one to four years of prior service. Check the phone book, or contact your local asphalt paving contractor and ask them for reputable contractors in your area. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive a quote!